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Work less, achieve more: The power of the tribe.

Danielle Marchant

It was an unusual Monday.  

Usually I would simply turn on my laptop and start working from home. On this Monday, for the first time in almost a decade I was walking to 'work'.

My commute was fun; the sun was shining in Bali as I dodged the calls of "taxi?" with big smiles. Music echoed out of each new cafe or juice bar I passed, the scent of incense drifted past as the Balinese carried out their daily rituals with grace and heart.

I arrived up at Hubud, Bali's first co-working space set in the heart of Ubud next to the sacred site of Monkey Forest, and Tribewanted's daily meeting place. The structure of our meetings is deceptively simple. Two questions:

  • What is your focus for today?
  • What help do you need?

Yet as I know from my work with The Pause, simple is often powerful.

That's my experience here.

In one week of co-working with the Tribe I found myself being able to breathe again in my business. I found myself getting unstuck from the detail. Tricky questions I have been wrestling with for many months have eased. Answers emerged.

To scale or not to scale?

As well as our two questions, The Tribe also work together on the nitty gritty of building your start-up. One session was an exploration into our business model. I felt a familiar frustration rising up in the conversation as I discussed my age-old dilemma "to scale or not to scale?" I get torn between my desire to create a lifestyle business v's a 'should' I hold of creating a 'proper' scalable business.

After the session an insightful friend spoke to me. The conversation was gentle, non-judgemental.  With a light touch he said "Danielle I have an instinct that you don't really want to scale your business". I felt the exhale as I began to breathe again. He was right and from that conversation I felt liberated. In that moment I learned:

From permission comes freedom (Click to Tweet)

With that freedom I was able to look at my business model with fresh eyes.  What did I want to create and how would I do it?

In less than two weeks of being here I have my clearly business model mapped out for the first time. I've been waiting for this day for a long time! I'm clear of the step up I need to make, and I have given myself permission to be content building a cool lifestyle business that supports and sustains me.

That's what I call a productive start to the year. But it's not just me that's unsticking. I'm watching other tribe members gain clarity, focus and momentum too.

Yet there's something I haven't mentioned about all of this. Something important. What I haven't said is that it hasn't felt like hard work. What it's not is forced, competitive or stressful. What it is is light, powerful, focussed and fun.

I've worked less and achieved more.

It's a living example of the paradigm shift taking place in the world of work.  It's proof to me that the essence of what I teach at The Pause translates into the world of business:

  • From space comes flow
  • From connection comes confidence
  • From permission comes freedom

For me it's also magical confirmation that I can create the life I want.

I'm grateful for the power of the Tribe.

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