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Meet our Bali tribe: designers, educators & entrepreneurs

Danielle Marchant

Creative career coach, Danielle, reflects on her new life in Ubud

Bali with her emerald rice fields, and exotic dragonflies shimmering against blue skies seems the perfect destination for a holiday or spiritual retreat.  So what's behind the paradigm shift?  Why have so many people chosen to Escape The City and become a digital nomad in Bali? Including me?

Last week I arrived in Bali, returning for the first time in three years.  It felt mystical, unknown and I could sense an adventure brewing.

I was joining Tribewanted, the brain child of Ben Keene and a three month pilot which promises that you can:

  • Escape Winter
  • Build your start up from Bali
  • Make an impact

All of which are being delivered and more...

It's an inspiring community of people who dare to live life on their terms. Doing work they love, supporting causes they are passionate about, whilst giving themselves time to play and expand their horizons. A whole range of people have already joined the Tribe.

From interior designers (watch out for the launch of Wonky Wardrobe, exquisite items sourced especially for their story) and travel companies who will help you empty your bucket list (check out Bohemian Birds!) to innovators in education (including the Amani Institute and Peer Academy).

The question of why Bali may seem easy to answer on the surface. Why not? Beautiful beaches,a chilled atmosphere, warm weather. It certainly beats the daily grind and challenging commutes. This week however a group of students from Harvard concluded a ten day research project into the rise of "entrepreneurialism everywhere". The rapidly changing face of business and rise of digital nomads.  People who prefer co-working to cubicles, are location independent not slaves to their geography, and who work when they want, not 9-5 (or is that 5-9?)

It seems Bali's artisan culture, and deep connection to spirituality, also play a part in the draw of digital nomads to this island. Aspects of culture which over decades have died quiet deaths in the West are still ever present here.

This week the Tribe were introduced to Kadek, whose family have lived in town we are based, Ubud, for several generations.  He is without doubt a serial entrepreneur! He has so many projects on the go it made my head spin just listening to them all. One Tribe member, Onur, commented that the way Kadek was operating was no different to the process used by any of the best Silicon Valley minds. He was right.  

Yet with Kadek I saw something more. A connection to forces bigger than himself.

An then even more than that...

A deep integration of his work by actually living those beliefs.

It's that alignment I believe secretly brings the seekers to Bali. A remembering of what has been sacrificed. A return to ancient ways with today's modern twist.

If you're dreaming of living the laptop lifestyle the Tribewanted pilot runs in Bali until March.

I'm already looking at ways to extend my stay!

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