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It’s taken me 18 years of dreaming, but I finally feel like the path ahead is mine

Caroline Jones

I'm not an entreprenuer, am I?

If you believe in personality profiling, my Myers Briggs type would tell you I am an introvert who is fundamentally adverse to anything where I don’t know what to expect or what is expected of me. So on the face of it I am perhaps don’t have the qualities required of a go getting risk taking entrepreneur who can successfully launch their own business. Or do I?

Boundaries look different to everyone

I am one of those people who find themselves stuck in a corporate world where I have never felt I truly fitted in. Square peg round hole, black sheep territory. However I still loiter near the safety of the ‘convention postcode’. I like my home comforts and yes dare I say it The UK with all it’s bad (yes the weather!) and goodness, I have not really travelled extensively and lack confidence in pushing boundaries. So it was with some trepidation that I signed up to join Tribewanted here in Bali. I worried that I would be an outsider introvert who had only dreamt of starting a business and would have nothing in common with the daring, passionate, extroverted and dynamic entrepreneurs with intrepid spirit and true passion who I would find myself with.

Tribes need diversity too

I can’t deny that when I arrived 2 weeks ago, I was scared, anxious and in awe of these amazing people who have travelled the world and done such amazing things in business. But then the thing I soon realized was, that being part of a tribe doesn’t mean having to be with a group of people that are in exactly the same place as you. With the diversity of difference comes inspiration and insight. I was lucky enough to spend my time here with a group of very lovely, inspiring and open minded folks who made me relax and realise that there is not a one size fits all model for successful start ups and business founders.

Different drivers and road, same destination?

This got me to thinking about different types of Entrepreneurs and the fact that there really is no one carbon cut out model for creating and leading a new business. We live in an era of diversity, with start ups that are founded by people who are driven by many things:

  • Social change makers — who are passionate about making a difference socially
  • Free range players — who want work to be more fun and on their terms
  • Innovators — who are our creators at the cutting edge of new thinking
  • Soul searchers — who are driven by the search of fulfillment and purpose
  • Future CEOs — who set out to create big things and scale to big companies

These different drivers are of course not always mutually exclusive and within this growing groundswell of entrepreneurs there will be lots of different personality types, but there is a common theme. All these people want to be in the driving seat of their own lives, masters of their own work and not to be defined by a set of corporate cut out principles that mean nothing to them.

Celebrating wonky life journeys

These amazing people are deciding what is important to them and doing something about it. They shape their own path and journey; with the ultimate destination being a life lived in a way that is distinctly right for them. But the most important factor for success shared by all start-ups is surely the ability to push forward. To keep moving the car further down the road even if you don’t exactly know what’s ahead. Keeping the destination (your fundamental ‘Why’) in view, but not closing your mind to diversions along the way. Each journey will be completely unique and all the better and more interesting for it.

Bashing down boundaries

So perhaps it doesn’t matter what each of our boundaries are, what does really matter is that we are willing to challenge and push them, even if it’s only a little bit. And what seem like very minor and small steps or even imperceptible movement to some may be huge leaps to others. Each of our journeys is different. It’s taken me 18 years of dreaming, but I finally feel like the path ahead is mine.

If you are interested in joining Tribewanted in Bali I can’t recommend it enough! You have until the end of March.

If you would like to join me in embracing wonky living, please do follow if you would like to find out where my start up journey is taking me

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