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How we changed everything (for ourselves)

Loretta Rose

At first we were 30 or so people working separately all over the world. We didn’t even know each other. Most of us were desperate to escape winter. All of us were yearning for changes in our lives.
We had big ideas, with equal amounts of trepidation and faith in ourselves; and we had plans for putting our ideas into practice—but not quite completely. We did know we needed a bit of help.
That’s why we joined the Tribe.

We’re all digital nomads who see ourselves as citizens of the world and world-changers—whether in small or big ways—and we don’t believe in boundaries and baggage, but we believe passionately in open minds, hearts, and spirits … and we all came to Bali.

Each of us was yearning for something, perhaps without even knowing what it was. Connection.Healing. Reconnecting with a sense of play and fun. New business, new inspiration. New friends. A tribe!

The healing arts. Feats of endurance. Facing fears. Exploring. Learning.Yearning, yearning …

It turns out that Ubud is a great place for fulfilling yearnings—even ones you don’t know you have.

When you join the tribe, at daily check-ins you introduce the start-up(s) you’re working  on (most of us are serial starters). At first, your descriptions are long and rambling, over-explaining. Tribe members are from everywhere, doing just about everything, it seems,  so we ask plenty of questions, including many inconvenient ones—because we’re all swimming in each others’ seas.
My little sea felt so comfortable and reasonable to me as I dog-paddled along; but I realized that to others it was foreign, choppy, hard to navigate. I think most of us went back to the drawing board on about a twice-weekly basis. Our ideas got churned, returned, refined, and reconfigured until many of us are now working on projects which seem to bear little resemblance to the somewhat inchoate ones we arrived with.
But in our hearts, we know we’ve gone deeper to the real stuff that was waiting there all along. Some of us have focused on spiritual, physical, or family issues just as much as on our grand business plans. We’re all forming new, vital relationships and connecting deeply, while at the same time re-connecting with the urgent human needs to explore and experience.

And … we’re happy! Happiness undergirds, overlays, and follows us, it seems.

It seems that giving things up, letting go, and embracing mystery and challenge—from within a community that’s both free and connected—is pretty great.

That’s how we all changed everything.
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