The sky is monochrome grey, the trees are black, spiked edges. I’ve been up since 3.00a.m thanks to jet lag and began my commute at 6.30. My feet ache from being thrust into heels like some post party, ugly sister. I miss my flip flops.

Neck buried into my coat for warmth I head through freezing sleet to see a client. I miss Bali. The luxuriant heat, the colours, the soft breeze from the back of a motorcycle. I miss working from my balcony overlooking a verdant gorge, or the view of the rice paddy at the hub where I used to check in with the Tribe. I even miss the rain, at least it was warm.

I have a tattoo on my back that reads Free. This trip to Bali was the personification of freedom: Free to create; free to try out new ideas; free to roam. I went to Bali to write, and came back wanting to change my life. I lived life in the moment, I loved my work, I lived the motivational bumper sticker... Bali has ruined me. Before Bali I had never even thought of the idea of working remotely. Now I am determined to make it work. I ache for a different lifestyle.

Did you say Tribe? Inspired by Ben Keene founder of Tribewanted, a group of startup entrepreneurs have escaped the murk of a European Winter (and Canadian, American and Australian too) to work together and share knowledge and expertise. Meetings every week day for up to two hours, are not compulsory but are helpful with the daily What are you doing? How can we help?

I don’t know what it is about Ben but he has the ability to inspire people to travel halfway across the world, his ideas capture the imagination. The first time Ben inspired seven years ago, I ended up on a remote island in Fiji.

Ben’s tribes are an eclectic mix of people with a shared passion. Seven billion people on the planet and thirty something of us landed in Bali together.  We were like minded, supportive and a diverse a group as you could imagine. But with that diversity came strength, passion, new ideas and fresh perspectives.  My tribe-within-a-tribe consisted of a model / property developer/ life coach, a NASA funded astrophysicist and a twenty two year old entrepreneur with the same wicked humour as me.

Only with Tribewanted...only in Bali.

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