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Escaping London for Bali

Ben Saul-Garner

I want to be able to run a successful business remotely from anywhere in the world

I recently left ‘traditional employment’ to go solo and start my own business. Whilst I’m still convinced I had the best job in the world, worked alongside awesome people and delivered work I was genuinely proud of I’ve always wanted to have a bit more freedom and truly own what I do. So, tomorrow I depart for Ubud, a town in Bali where I’ll be working within a startup community known as Tribewanted. Lots of people have asked where I’m going and why I’m doing it so I thought I’d throw down a few reasons for those of y’all who are still curious. 

1) Long term, I want to be able to run a successful business remotely from anywhere in the world. This experience should be a good pilot. Can you still make things pop in London when you’re in a timezone 8 hours ahead?! Let’s find out. 

2) Jan & Feb in the UK are (at times) a bit miserable. It’s the rainy season in Bali but it’ll be warm and I’m very much willing to swap a sweaty Victoria line commute for a light stroll into the office (which is a sick co-working space called Hubud, located next to a forest full of monkeys!).

3) You get a ton of value from the people you surround yourself with. I’ll be one of the younger members of our start up tribe and I’m hyped to bounce new ideas off of people who are a step ahead and on a similar mission. Jeff Weiner nails it for me with the venn diagram below & this is definitely the crowd I’m hoping for in Ubud. 

4) It should be super productive. Roughly, our time will be split working on our own startups (50%), helping each other (25%) and exploring Bali/contributing to community projects (25%). As they say, work smarter, not harder. I’ve partied a lot over the last few months so keen for some healthy living! 

5) Bali is really affordable and you can live pretty comfortably on a modest London budget. My return flight cost £531 and the initial accommodation I’ve sorted is £14 a night for a double room, kitchen and en suite in an ideal location. 

There you go! Adventure awaits. If you fancy getting involved or have any questions, hit me up and I’ll loop you in with the team. 

I’ll also be taking on a couple more freelance projects this year - if you think we could work together then please don’t hesitate to shout! Email me here

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