• Join our co-working tribe in Ubud,

    build your bright idea and

    get below the surface of Bali.

  • 5 Reasons to Love Tribewanted Bali

    1. A tribe of like-minded, motivated, curious people connecting regularly is a powerful thing!

    2. We’re all more productive when we work with other creative, positive and purposeful people.

    3. We take adventures and discover the unique, powerful, and beautiful culture of Bali.

    4. Ubud has become one of the top places in the world to work remotely.

    5. Bali is affordable, safe and accessible.


    What is it?

    We’re hosting motivated, curious people in Ubud, Bali in order to build a new community and co-working tribe that increases our productivity, creativity, and success. All this while discovering this beautiful, amazing island and it's culture.


    We are excited to announce we have partnered with The CREW at Bali’s newest co-working space Outpost.


    The CREW is a monthly highly curated 4-week, get-stuff-done success incubator in paradise.


    • Starts on the first Monday of each month
    • Runs for 4 weeks
    • 6 – 10 members per month


    The curriculum is specifically created to empower, enhance, and drive results.


    We've been empowering success for solopreneurs, location independent entrepreneurs, and change-makers since January 2015 and so far over 250 people have been part of it!

    How does it work?

    • We have daily check-in meetings 4 times a week (10am-12pm Monday - Thursdays). Fridays are off. Yay!
    • We do weekly goal mapping and holding you accountable for your actions
    • You will get daily support to move forward with your idea or project & help support others
    • We have a lot of inspiring business discussions & debates to stimulate your mind (or sometimes just to talk about ecstatic dance at Yogabarn).
    • We run regular skill-share sessions between members (or get external speakers) to share their knowledge on i.e How to build a blog, create a podcast, how to do social media, finance for entrepreneurs,  emotional intelligence and more...
    • We explore Ubud and Bali and go on some fun weekly social activities or adventures. Anything to get those creative juices flowing. 
  • Welcome to Ubud, 

    aka Silicon Rice Paddy

    Ben shares his story of living in Ubud to build his startups. Read it here. 

  • What do some of our members say?

    "Tribewanted Bali exceeds expectations."

    An instant network of entrepreneurs

    "Being part of the Tribe meant I had an instant network of entrepreneurs around me as soon as I landed in Bali. Everyone was happy to share advice, skills and encouragement. There are social events, activities and talks going on almost daily to bring everyone together. Lisa is always on hand to share her marketing expertise and her wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge and contacts. Ubud is just an awesome place for personal growth, I can't wait to get back".

    Adam Bromby, January 2016

    Where the magic happens

    "If you don't have a tribe, get one. The most powerful thing I've come across to really get things done and help focus on your bigger vision and actions, actions, actions how to get there. No procrastination anymore. Plus you get to meet so many like-minded, interesting and inspiring people whilst living in a beautiful environment. I've not heard one person complaining about their job here. Oh and not to forget the food & is amazing. I love it."

    Lisa Wulf, December 2015

    One sentence

    "The people here are blowing my mind."

    Tom Kornblit, September 2015

    Insanely powerful 

    "There is nothing else out there like this tribe. Whilst on the surface it’s a simple concept - it’s insanely powerful in it's ability to drive projects forward. It brings out problem solving creativity through the community connection that is often lacking in freelance and solo start-up projects"

    Laura Thomas, June 2015

  • Tribewanted Bali =

    the future of work?

    Liza Jansen decided to join Tribewanted Bali for a month. And shares her experience.

  • The Tribewanted Bali Experience at Outpost

    We will be hosting you in Ubud, Bali's cultural capital and big hub for digital nomads. Imagine the co-working space Google would create if they opened in Bali. That’s Outpost. With amazing amenities (large pool and free massages), a vibrant, productive and engaged community, let us show you how much you can get done and experience in paradise!

    Welcome to Outpost

    Our basecamp in Ubud


    You will get unlimited membership so you can dive into the work whenever, wherever vibe asap. Most productive at 2am? No problem here at Outpost. You can eat up the wifi, join a multitude of events and socials and most importantly connect with the wonderfully diverse and creative Outposters.


    We have most of our daily check-ins and skill sharing sessions at Outpost. Oh and they have a cafe on-site with the BEST coffee in town - no joke! Grab a latte, smoothie bowl, or banana pancakes…it is all delicious!



    Your new home 

    Outpost Villas

    Outpost has two stunningly beautiful and tranquil 3-bedroom villas with a twenty-meter pool for co-living opportunities. Each room has jungle views, oversized indoor/outdoor baths and AC. With yoga space, a personal chef and cleaning—all within an eight-minute walk from Outpost—you can just focus on being productive.


    Live with a dynamic crew of people from CEOs to productivity coaches. Share a spacious, stunningly-rich villa compound on the cusp of a jungle. A chef is on staff as well as a masseuse on call. We’ll also make the move to Bali simple with our Easy Transition Package.

  • Our Impact

    And how you can shift your mindset 

    Check-ins are the superglue

    And 9 other things Ben learned leading our tribe

    Connecting like-minded people, checking in on goals, sharing skills, sharing weaknesses, location, climate, storytelling and actions. Great piece from Ben on our Tribewanted blog on Medium.

    How to build a remote start-up

    Interview with Nomadlist

    "Being part of a tribe of like-minded people is about feeling like you belong there, that part of you has ‘come home’.  The impact that this can have can be huge." Read the full interview. 

    After 20 years I found my tribe

    Loretta longed for a tribe - and found us. 

    "The tribe is enriching me with new perspectives and forcing me to re-think what I’m doing and why. The tribe helps me sharpen my ideas and get more work done, while opening huge new vistas to explore." Read Loretta's full blog post.

  • It's super easy to join Tribewanted Bali

    It is a simple, 3 step process:


    1. Apply 2. Pay 3. Book your ticket


    The Tribewanted, in collaboration with The CREW, is £570/$695 for the 4-week program.


    The investment includes:


    Unlimited Membership to Outpost

    (A $209 value)


    Full access to the newest coworking space and community in paradise!


    What the fee includes:

    Pre-departure support: We're here to help you get ready for your trip to Bali

    Welcome: Pick-up from the airport and transfer to  your Ubud accommodation

    Check-ins: Daily meetups and skill sharing sessions that ask two simple questions: 1.What are you getting done today? 2. How can we help?

    Tribe Leader:

    The person that brings it all together - arrival orientation, goal setting, introduction to the tribe & ongoing support. 

    Outpost Unlimited Membership: Full access to the best bamboo coworking space and community on earth!

    Your Tribe: connect quickly with a small group of motivated people who support each other on your journeys

  • Explore Bali with us

    10 things we've done so far:


    We climbed 3 volcano's in under 24 hours • Wild camped on Nusa Penida Island • Snorkelled, surfed, freedived, stand-up paddle boarded • Held workshops at the Green School • Hosted over 100 skill sharing sessions • Trekked the Campuan ridge • Ecstatic-danced the Friday night away • Visited bamboo and chocolate factories • Attended Secret Women's Business meet-up • Eat, prayed and loved •

  • Our Hall of Fame.

    Check out some of our members below. 

    Want to be featured this year? Join us.

    Tribe Leader Jan'16 onwards: Lisa Wulf


    Freelance Marketer, escaped London to create a career on her own terms (and have a fresh coconut every day). Also the one behind Tribewanted Bali's Instagram account: @lizwulf

    Tribe Leader Sept -Dec'16: Laura Thomas


    Coach, writer & health advocate helping people find peace with the sweet food in their life. Founder of Happy Sugar Habits Instagram: @lauraj_thomas



    Tribe Leader April-June'15: Danielle Marchant


    Coach, writer and creator of the Pause, retreats, workshops and coaching for a busy world



    Chief Experience Officer:



    Bali tours and so much more. You can follow him on instagram and tripadvisor.

    Kirsty McKie

    Former TV and Video director. Now exploring projects in healthy eating, wellness and community building. Ardently minimalist. Aspires to live in a beach hut with less than 10 possessions. 

    Amber Dugger

    Health Coach, Knitter, Yogi and lover of all things green. Founder of Tame your Stress - Learn to Knit. @amberdugger on Instagram.


    Tom Kornblit

    Founder of Zeek. Social media & marketing pro. 25-year old entrepreneur in the tech/marketing space looking to adventure and explore and discover awesome people and places.

    Dorothy Sanders

    Founder of Maptia. Designer and lover of beautiful things. Dorothy’s favourite place to be is the great outdoors, and she has spent many happy months hiking and climbing mountains in South America.

    Louise Graham

    Award winning creative marketing consultant at Think Frog Marketing with expert knowledge in Facebook advertising and getting effective messages out in the world. Instagram: @todayidiscovered

    Patty van der Aa

    29 years, Dutch. Doing research about digital nomads and blogging about her adventures on www.ebrella.com. If you want to share your story with me, get in touch.

    Diana Moret

    Founder Pandorahub and directive committee member at Reviure Solanell Coop. Rural shaker, nature and animal lover.

    Dean Fischer

    Lead developer at Maptia. Hard and fast learner. Singer & songwriter. Never goes far without his well-travelled guitar or beautiful Hawaiian ukulele.

    Tribe Leader June-July'16: Rachel Kornak

    Explorer, Seeker, Around the Corner Peaker. Founder of Zesty World, GeoPivot + online instructor.

    Tijana Momirov

    Kitesurfer following the wind around the world. It's all about People, Nature, Health, Skills, Experiences.

    Our first tribe-member in Bali: Sam Tyers

    Ocean Entrepreneur: ClearOceans & PygmyWhale. 

    Co-organiser: Secret Women's Business

    David Martin

    Current projects are purely expressions of art and joy, not business. CatsNearMe - find all the public cats in a city you can visit (Ok, I'll build DogsNearMe version too). 

    Nikki Chau

    Learning what Joseph Campbell meant by "follow your bliss" via: Rilke, Leonard Cohen, sutras, sun salutations, and serendipity.

    Abdulaziz S. Alsalim

    An enterpenuer from Saudi Arabia searching for the right business partner to develop a legal services website


    Neil Cannon

    Look out for my online fitness programme, helping men increase their testosterone levels naturally


    Carolina Gambin

    I'm a designer creating organic cotton yoga bags with indigo natural dyeing…totally free from chemicals. 

    Gary Dykstra

    Building Bali's first Bitcoin community in Ubud.


    Frankie Ratford

    Onwer / Designer at The Design Kids.
    Bridging the gap between students and industry within the Australian & NZ graphic design community.


    Tina Dahem

    Go travelling! That's all I've got to say Worldtraveller

    Freedomfighter Blogger Healthfreak travelagent

    Currently: Ubud Bali


    Lydia McCall

    Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach and passionate blogger. Here to help you fall in love with your life in the healthiest of ways ...

    Andy McLean

     Handyman looking for partners in new ventures both locally in Bali or digitally abroad.

    Hasit Shah

    Producer at BBC News in London


    Dr.Beth Altringer

    Runs b4bi group at Harvard (bring group of students to Bali); into design, psychology, innovation, education

    Roshan Paul 

    Passionate about global citizenship, changemaking, and lives of purpose. Founder @amaniinst, novelist (bit.ly/suchalotofworl…), nomad, cricket-junkie, dork.

    Onur Ekinici 

    Chief Evangelist Officer at Peer Academy.


    Warning: Can overwhelm peers with boundless enthusiasm if on his second coffee.


    Kylie Long

    Chief Empathy Officer at Peer Academy. Community catalyst, experience designer, lover of stories, curious about our evolution.

    Bob St-Jacques

    In transition to Bali with my family to set up Ethical Recruit - a startup to tackle the issue of bonded labour. I want to change the way the world recruits. 


    Ben Saul-Garner

    Recently left ad agency world to launch my startup(s). Looking forward to meeting a bunch of likeminded people and generally having a lovely time!

    Jacob Noel-Storr

    I am a PhD Astrophysicist passionate about education. I will work on my nonprofit: InsightSTEM, promoting learning through exploration. 

    Johanna Best

    to inspire and help women entrepreneurs reach their full potential using vibrant energy and solid focus as their secret business tool.

    Janine Newberry

    Model, Transformation & Fitness Coach, Lover of Life and Teller of Cheesy Jokes! In Bali to explore how to enable women to live the life they love.

    Jasper Mutsaerts

    Founder of Bohemian Birds and is on a mission to help people empty their bucket list. 

    Chelsea Rose

    Creative lass from coastal Western Australia seeks inspiration, discovery, connection and like-minded entrepreneurial folk.

    Philippa Ronan

    Love working with creative people. Looking forward to doing some writing and revamping my business.

    David Waters

    Art Director, Designer and Image Maker. Interested in making beautiful/functional design, that becomes part of people’s lives. 

    Nicola Moss

    Adventure, eco-tourism & social enterprise. 

    Lorna Morris

    Working on a new business whilst continuing with my freelance design work. Happy to help with design problems plus I love a good brainstorm!

    Richard Brownsdon

    Social enterprise @InspAdventures. Love helping social start ups. Looking for help completing a brand refresh in Bali. Currently running programmes @HubWestminster.

    Giselle Wilkinson

    I am developing a doctorate on "Mobilising whole communities to restore a safe environment" and the enterprise(s) that will flow from it. 

    Liza Jansen

    Dutch journalist based in Amsterdam. Joined us to work on a project that involves the curation of news for a targeted audience.

    Claire McGuiness

    A hopeful entrepreneur in the making. Project: Coaching and self development programmes. Bursting with excitement!

    Brian Hinman

    Artist, Musician, and Yogi focused on developing a Visual and Performing Arts blog centered around new and emerging innovations in the creative process.

    Helene Weiss

    Full-time wellbeing explorer and -enthusiast, coaching people worldwide. 

    Kristel Kayser

    Are you a creative, entrepreneurial spirit who wants to grow a profitable online business? You need some Coffee Break & Chocolate Cake 

  • How do I arrange a visa?

    If you are staying for less than 30 days, you can get a 30 day tourist visa at no cost. If you would like to stay for 30-60 days you will need to pay $35 on arrival for your 30 day visa stamp which allows you to extend it without leaving the country.


    A social visa arranged with your embassy pre-departure allows for a 2 month stay + 1 month extension.

    How long can I join in for?

    Each group meets for four weeks a month. Some choose to stay on and take the alumni program.



    Do I have to stay at the Outpost Villas?

    No. We've recommended this because of its ease, the people and experience. There are a lot of places to stay in Ubud - just try airbnb or Love Home Swap for starters.



    What will a typical week look like?

    For the 4-week program, you will meet with your tribe every Monday - Thursday for two hours a day (10am - 12pm). On Thursday we have an optional tribe lunch. Throughout each week we will be doing goal check-ins, goal settings, brainstorming, skill shares, and support sessions as well as having adventures, exploring the jungle, and getting massages.



    What is the difference between Outpost Co-Working Space and Tribewanted Bali? Why does Tribewanted cost more?

    Outpost is a co-working space – if you are outside of TribeWanted you would just pay for your membership to get access to their wifi and events and use the space as you wish.


    Tribewanted Bali is a facilitated co-working group with daily ‘check-ins’, goal settings, focussing on actions to get your idea or startup to the next level. We organise activities and are a small team working together.


    You could say it's a bit like a mixture of a mastermind, an accountability group and social circle. With Tribewanted Bali you will get full unlimited Outpost membership included so you can use the space and be part of Tribe. Double win we think!

    Best place to look for flights to Bali?

    Search online through skyscanner and kayak for best fares. For more flexibility book through an agent like Flight Centre or STA Travel.

    Where can I connect with other Bali Tribe Members?

    Once you apply, we'll add you to our private facebook group. In the meantime you can like our company facebook page and follow us on instagram.

    Can I bring children?

    Yes! We love children. 

    Sam: "Alba (1.5) was born in Bali. So she'll be the local guide."

    Ben: "Isla (1) was here on her first big adventure"

    I'm not from Europe. Can I still join you?

    Yes! Please! We've had Australians, Canadians, Americans and New Zealanders join us too. The more the merrier and more cultures to share.

    What happens when I apply?

    We will review your application and get back to you to let you know if you’ve been accepted and answer any other questions you might have.


    If you’re then ready and there’s space on the next intake (currently we are looking for members to join us now and May 2016) you’ll just need to confirm your flight or travel details, make the payment and you’re in the Tribe!


    You’ll instantly be added to our closed community Facebook group so you can start making contacts and connections with interesting folk in Bali before you arrive.

    Where does the real value of Tribewanted lie?

    Only you know! This tends to be slightly different for each person. Usually it's one, many or all of the following:

    • That you want an instant network of likeminded people as soon as you land in Bali.
    • The accountability of the group and regular meetings to help you achieve big goals.
    • Dedicated time to talk through your challenges and get group coaching.
    • The chance to get inspiration from others by hearing about and supporting their projects.
    • To have a lot of fun exploring Bali with likeminded people from the day you arrive.
    • To escape winter and live in a beautiful place that's cheaper and allows you to really focus on your idea, dream, project or startup.
  • Follow us here for some Tribewanted Bali love

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